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Review: Alchemic Muse soap sampler

The first of my Alchemic Muse reviews.  I started getting into my soap sample set.  You get your choice of 4 samples from the ones she has available in mini size for $6.50 (the price of one of her full size soaps).  I got a half-sized bonus sample as a bonus which I also added to this review.  The half size bonus lasted one shower, but I got about three uses out of a full size sample.


The soap is very “thick” and heavy, and if using directly on the skin, takes a little bit of effort to use.  It has a tendency to stick to the skin unless you get it nice and wet first.  But given how smooth the lather was and how nice my skin felt after, I’ll take it as a good thing.  The scent lingers a little bit after the shower, but not enough to interfere with my body lotion scent.

The samples I got were…


White jasmine and crisp heliotrope floating over rose, carnation, gingered peach, and juniper berry in a sheer base of aged patchouli, smoky vetiver, sandalwood with a stray drop of black vanilla.

Dry, the smell is like menthol, mint with some spice.  Wet, it’s about the same though the scent becomes stronger.  Sounds odd but I don’t mind it.  Not something I’d repeat but I used up the sample.


Black cherry wine warmed with fresh orange slices accented with dark spice and sweetened with a drop of honey.

Very much a spice focus!  I detect some of the orange scent, but overall it’s like a deep cinnamon, nutmeg sweet smell.  Not a smell I’m usually into for perfumes but I like it.


Earl Gray tea with sweet cream and a wedge of lemon underscored by a fragrant bouquet of English rose and lavender with lingering smoky notes of tobacco, amber crystals and musk.

Hard to pin down the smells but I think the description matches my reaction well.  I do notice the smoky notes, which tones down any of the florals.


Creamy oat porridge drizzled with milk and honey accented with dried citrus slices, white spice, and the faint smoky aroma of crackling firewood.

This is lovely!  Smells like what breakfast in a warm kitchen should feel like.   I definitely can detect the various notes in the description too.  I could see myself getting a full size of this scent in the future.


Sweet pink grapefruit, cotton candy, and lemon drops afloat a heart of sticky caramel, red berries, and fig leaves in a warm, comforting base of bourbon vanilla and white musk.

I had initially not favorited this because it referenced caramel, which I’m not a fan of.  But I got this as a bonus and the soap actually smells more citrusy, with just a bit more sugar.  In the shower, the caramel/cotton candy smell becomes more dominant, but it’s still a nice smell.  I just added this to my wish list for a bigger version.

In sum, I’d absolutely buy her soaps in full size in the future, and pick up more samples too!

Alchemic Muse is available via their etsy store.

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